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Word completion puzzle
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Help Kids Succeed
National PTA's advice on what you can do as a parent to help your child succeed.

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Language Learning
12 Strategies for learning a second language and increasing your intelligence in the process.

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Adult Continuing Education Resources to help you advance your education, training, or career at any stage of life.

Orange juice is an excellent source of nutrition for the body and mind. arrow

arrowHelp You Succeed
We create new ways to help adults and children of all ages increase their intelligence and to improve education through advanced measurement techniques.

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Our discussion group is a forum for students, prospective students, parents and professionals to share concerns, experiences and advice. Join the discussion today!

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EduMetrics' products are designed to develop thinking patterns needed to successfully learn and to assist progress measurement in subjects like math, science and reading.

Integrate measurement with learning
Our research projects generate and validate learning theories and techniques that parents, teachers, students and others can use to increase intelligence, facilitate learning and improve thinking skills.

arrow PuzzleQuest is Coming!
To be released late 2006, our newest creation PuzzleQuest tracks your improvement in puzzles that expand your memory and your intellectual ability. With PuzzleQuest, intellectual development is fun! The software will be available soon for download. Then you can see for yourself how PuzzleQuest Intelligence-Building Modules work!

/////Images of PuzzleQuest intelligence building modules.

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