Interest. Curiosity. Exploration.
Learning maps enable prospective, current and graduate students, of all learning levels, to discover interests, foster curiosity and fuel exploration.
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Manage the Degree Portfolio
Learning Maps provide valuable insight to the student experience by leveraging data analytics on student activity
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Interest, curiosity and exploration are vital during students early educational experience. Edumetrics and Learning Maps are tailored to skill level and can supplement standard curriculum.

Higher Education

See how Learning Maps can transform the student experience from "seat time" to true exploration and provide valuable analytics back to educators.

Corporate Learning

Instead of keywords, give your subscribers an AI-derived Learning Map to navigate all of your valuable content and enable advertising opportunities.​

Student Experience

Understand interests, foster curiosity and fuel exploration. Great for new or developing topics.

Learning Maps Science

Watch how your students or subscribers interact with the Learning Map and use the meta data to steer strategy.

The Analytics Of A Portfolio​

Extract valuable analytics for better decision making on badge and degree programs.

The Validity Argument

Inject advertising and announcements in context of a Learning Map topic.



Fuel Exploration

Learning maps create environments for exploration​

Exceed KPIS

The best institutions use data to drive objectives

Create Pathways

Rigid coursework limits options and rarely produces results

Student Journey

Instead of rigid coursework, let the students explore based on their interests and skill level​

Reduce Dropouts

One key KPI on every institutions mind is reducing drop out rates. Learning Maps can help.

Lifelong Learning

When students excel at their interests, they learn for a life time.​

See what Learning Maps can do for you.


Determine Interests

Interest is the key to learning. Presenting exciting and relevant content in a simple to find format propels students into interest and exploration.This format provides interested students access to content that does not require knowledge of keywords.

Develop Taxonomy

A key piece to generating interest is a logical division of topics. Like a tree trunk, branches and then smaller branches and leaves, organizing new and relevant content at web scale requires specialized processes and tools. ​

Gather Corpus of Text

The choices for content in academic settings are very limited. Textbooks published by professors and other institutional bodies don't satisfy in this hyper connected world. Google search is great if you want to go where everyone is going, but if you want to wander onto a new trail, good luck.​

Observe Interaction

In our hyper connected world, content has a short shelf. Learning Map technology allows institutions to observe and rank the content that each student is accessing. This information can be easily analyzed as to its impact on competency assessments.

The future of the semantic web has arrived

Forget keywords and relevance ranking. The Edumetrics AI engine reads every word of your corpus of text and creates meaningful connections.  


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