10 Companies that Hire Employees For “Work From Anywhere” Jobs

1. American Express

This company has built a work culture focused on doing what you love, making it a perfect fit for aspiring digital nomads who seek to combine their passion for travel with their career ambitions. Named one of the top 20 companies for remote workers, AMEX offers remote or travel-friendly positions in many of its departments, from customer service support to human resources to sales.

American Express wants to set its remote workers up for success, so has requirements for your home office setup to ensure productivity. For most remote positions, you’ll need to have a quiet, dedicated office space and they’ll set up a separate high-speed internet connection separate from your home network.

2. Dell

Dell offers a variety of employment options including telecommuting, remote work, and flextime positions. They offer positions for all experience levels ranging from entry-level data entry to mid-level project managers and even senior positions. You don’t have to strictly be in tech to find a job at Dell; in fact, many of their customer support roles, which require great interpersonal and problem-solving skills, are work-from-home positions.

Dell’s remote jobs come with benefits including health plans and mentorship opportunities along with excellent compensation packages. To search for Dell remote job postings, go to their career website and enter “remote” as the keyword.

3. Aetna

This company believes that with today’s technology, your office can be anywhere you are. The company culture actively promotes a strong work/life balance and features several work from anywhere job positions. At Aetna, you can divide your time between an office location and a work-from-home office if you enjoy the social aspects of company offices. You can also choose to be entirely home-based or mobile and work from anywhere in the world.

4. Amazon

Amazon believes that the office should come to you and offers virtual positions to qualified individuals in some locations. With an impressive reach across the globe, Amazon offers unique opportunities to work from home or even transfer to offices in different countries. Amazon’s variety of work-at-home jobs include everything from developer positions and IT support engineers to business intelligence analysts and data associates.

5. Apple

Apple offers telecommuting and work-from-home jobs in areas like marketing, human resources, finance, sales and retail. From your home office anywhere in the world, you’ll serve as Apple’s human connection online. Many of these positions entail helping customers solve problems with their devices and answering questions about Apple’s products.

Apple, like American Express, has a few requirements when it comes to your office arrangement. You’ll need a quiet, distraction-free area to work from, and your office must have a door that you can shut. They also require you to have an ergonomic chair, a desk, and your own network connection. For these remote positions, Apple provides you with an iMac and headset so you can complete your work tasks.

6. GitHub

GitHub believes that you should love not only the work you do, but also where you work – that’s why they offer tons of remote job positions. Half of GitHub’s employees work remotely and the company actively encourages employees to figure out what work environment is the best fit.

All employees at GitHub get perks like paid gym memberships, health insurance and unlimited paid time off so you can explore the world while you work and when you feel like you need a vacation. GitHub offers remote positions dependent on where you live – you can check out that list right here.

7. Kaplan

If you have a background in education or have teaching experience, you can join one of the top names in the business when it comes to test prep. Work from home jobs at Kaplan include positions such as MCAT question writers, instructors for a variety of disciplines, and sales representatives. Most of these positions require a Bachelor’s degree and several years of experience in the education industry.

Since many of Kaplan’s products are online services such as virtual courses and online test-prep tutoring, it’s no surprise that the company lands near the top of many remote job lists. Some of Kaplan’s job postings require you to be located in a specific state, but the company encourages you to speak with a recruiter about international options for many positions.

8. JetBlue

JetBlue is known in the travel industry for embracing remote workers. The company allows all of its flight agents to work from home, anywhere in the world. Since JetBlue is based in North America with routes also venturing to the Caribbean and South America, you’ll need to work mainly in these time zones.

To qualify as a work-at-home reservations agent at JetBlue, you need to be able to train in Salt Lake City, after which you can work from anywhere you want.  You’ll need a high school diploma or GED and two years customer service experience. You also need a telephone line and high-speed internet connection with a minimum connection speed of 256K.

9. Glassdoor

Known by most as a platform where employees can rate a company on its desirability as an employer, Glassdoor also offers tons of work-at-home positions within their own company. With job titles ranging from mobile engineer manager and support specialist to director of user experience, there are currently 84 remote opportunities listed on their website.

Glassdoor allows employees to create their ideal work environment including completely remote opportunities or shared-employment opportunities where you spend some time in the office and some time working from home. If you choose to work in a local office occasionally, they have a dog-friendly policy so you can bring travelling Fido along with you.

10. Humana

Humana was ranked 10th in 2016 and 20th in 2017 on FlexJobs’s list of 100 Remote Companies to Watch. Featuring jobs in healthcare and a track record of being a great remote employer, Humana is an ideal place to start your home opportunity job search. Not all positions are remote-approved, so make sure to search on the Humana career site using the keyword “remote”.

Humana offers remote jobs in several different sectors, but is mainly a healthcare-focused employer. Home opportunities include positions such as coder, provider relations’ consultant, and RN care managers. Most of these positions will require a Bachelor’s degree in a health or wellness field and some work experience.