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Libraries are places of learning and education.

About the EduMetrics Institute

The EduMetrics Institute is a nonprofit organization devoted to helping people succeed through strengthening thinking abilities, facilitating the learning process and developing intelligence.

 Since C. Victor Bunderson, PhD, founded the EduMetrics institute in April 2000, our team has focused on improving intellectual development of all people. EduMetrics combines research with practical application to help learners of all ages strengthen their ability to think and learn.

 Our products combine research, measurement algorithms and creative teaching to assist people in mastering effective learning processes. These easy-to-follow processes are built on education research that allows students, parents, and teachers to identify strengths and weaknesses and track their progress.

 As part of our dedication to learning we also support others with mutual goals. Our partners and associates join us in improving education and learning by sharing research and technology. We have shared our knowledge on learning theory and published many different papers as well.

 Please explore our website to learn more about us, our work, and our products and research. We welcome everyone interested in intellectual development and education, either for themselves or for their children or students. Please leave some feedback if you like the site or would like to see something added or changed.

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