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Resources for Continuing Education and Intellectual Development

Learning involves study and practice, and often research in libraries. "What do you want to accomplish this year? Advance at work? Get a new job? Change careers? Enrich your life with a new hobby or interest? Whether your plans involveGraduation caps and gowns are only one incentive to continue learning. personal or professional development, or significant life changes, they're certain to require some learning."

Kimeiko Hotta Dover, continuing education writer for, asks individuals looking for a change to answer these questions.  She's right in her assertion that continued learning is the key to personal and professional improvement. The U.S. Department of Education reports that over 30 percent of adults in the U.S. take some type of educational course every year. When it comes to advancement in any area of life, learning is just as essential at age 40 as it was at 14. Humans who stop learning stagnate--mentally, physically, and in the workplace. Every day can present new knowledge and experiences, especially if you seek out opportunities for learning.

Learning does not necessarily mean enrolling in a formal four-year college. In fact, formal education may not be the best choice for your goals.Online courses, self-directed learning and applied technology training may be excellent opportunities.

Are you wondering about your learning abilities, or nervous about being able to grasp new material? The EduMetrics Institute can help you. We provide learning profiles and intelligence-building tests and games to build your thinking skills and prepare you for success in continuing education.

Think that going back will be too hard? Think again. Time spent increasing your learning abilities, your skills or your knowledge is always worthwhile. Even if you don't make more money or get the big promotion, at least you wil develop knowledge that can last a lifetime. Many resources are available for those considering additional education and training. One of the best ways to learn about continuing education is by talking to others in your situation. Participate in our Continuing Education forum to hear other people's stories and advice and contribute your own. We believe everyone is capable of success with continuing education. Go ahead...take that step and improve your life. We'd love to help you on the path to success.

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