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Design, Typography and Intellectual Development
Colored pencis can be used in creating effecive design.
Have you ever spoken with an extremely intelligent person and not understood what they were trying to tell you? Sometimes technical jargon, specialized terms, difficult vocabulary, and other distractions get in the way of the heart of a message. Like big words or a thick accent, an unclear layout or the wrong font choice can drastically reduce effectiveness of print and online communications. Even incredibly intelligent messages can get buried in unclear language or expression. For this reason, everyone needs at least a basic understanding of design and typography.
We believe clear, effective communication is an essential life skill and is one type of intelligence. In today’s world, much of the information we send and receive is delivered in printed or online formats, making clear graphic expression extremely important for success, especially in business and other professional settings. Many discerning customers and clients make judgments about you, your company, and your message based on the way you present them—all within just a few
seconds, oftentimes without even reading a word! Thankfully, the ability to present information harmoniously and clearly is a skill everyone can develop.
Could bad design be costing you thousands?
EduMetrics’ CD-ROM, Basic Design and Typography, uses examples and explanation to help you understand how to use design elements and typography for effective visual communication. The program teaches:
  1. Important design elements like line, shape and color
  2. Design principles such as balance and rhythm
  3. Type elements like font faces, styles, and sizes
  4. More general design strategies to increase reader interest and your credibility and appeal.

The CD features narration (if desired), clear explanations with examples, exercises to help you recognize and utilize the principles taught, and, in the EduMetrics style, small quizzes to help you gauge your mastery of the lessons presented.

Markers can be used in several artistic projects, especially as part of good design
Learn the skills you need to create appealing, professional design!
An important part of intelligence is the ability to articulate your message—whether it is spoken, written, or elaborated in multimedia presentations. As you practice using them, the basic principles taught in Basic Design and Typography will help you communicate more
clearly and convincingly than ever before. Don’t lose another customer, client, or supporter because of unappealing design or inconsistent messaging. Get EduMetrics' Basic Design and Typography today!

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