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Jonathan FergusonJonathan Ferguson

Interaction Designer

Jonathan, the EduMetrics Institute’s interaction designer, is our resident guru on technical matters. He always impresses us with his myriad information technology abilities.

Jonathan’s technical knowledge includes extensive work on many different computing platforms, operating systems, programming languages, and hundreds of different software titles. Throughout his career, he has been able to dedicate himself to many different creative pursuits, leveraging his technology aptitude to create visually appealing user interaction and interfaces. He used his photography skills as the principal photographer for Sunforge Studios, where he took an active role in administering servers and designing the company website as well as creating fine photography. In addition to this experience, Jonathan has spent several years designing user interfaces for different software and hardware applications, including extensive work on the AppFire application firewall product suite.

Jonathan’s wide range of abilities makes him a tremendous asset to the EduMetrics team. He plays many roles both inside and outside of our organization. Jonathan’s an artist, a systems administrator, an IT security specialist, a poet, a photographer, a leader, an inventor, and an avid rock climber.

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