Besides research studies, the Institute has products. The main products of EduMetrics Institute involve the creation and study of Maps and Validation Stories . We study Knowledge Maps and Learning Maps. Validation Stories are added into either type of Map to add interesting consequences, values, and the available logic and evidence that the content, structure, and claims implicit in the maps have been validated. You can see the content and structure for yourself in browsing about in the tree-structure of each map. It has at the top the most general, and for learning maps, complex and integrated competencies, breaking down to simplest at the bottom. Learning maps have claims about what you will be able to do and perhaps become if you attain all the competencies in the map. This is a Claim that you can gain competencies and expertise that will actually be valuable to you. You can have validation stories for medical treatments that claim you can get well or at least improve. Knowledge Maps let an interested person explore a domain of knowledge and be able to use the terms and concepts intelligently in conversation. Learning Maps are Knowledge Maps put into an on-line learning system then enables users to obtain and prove competency of deeper understanding -- how to use the knowledge to accomplish important complex and valuable tasks. Learning maps require valid measurement of not just knowledge (terms and concepts), but also how to do / perform valuable tasks that build on that basic knowledge. They claim you can follow the pathways and attain the complex competencies. Validation stories tell you how far along and how strong is not only the content and structure, but how the claims work out over the experience of as many users as have been followed for validation purposes up to that point in time.

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