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Customizing Learning to the Individual
Though we are similar, we all have our own unique learning methods, just like the green cutout. Take a look around…is anyone on this planet exactly like you? Does anybody act exactly the same as you? Does anyone have the exact same interests? Knowledge? Skills? You might find someone with a few of the same interests or nearly identical looks, but everyone on the planet is unique, especially when it comes to learning. We all learn at our own pace and according to our own aptitudes. Some students quickly grasp math concepts and struggle in English. Others are great at art and lacking abilities in science. We have our own strengths and weaknesses in learning.

Individual Learning Styles Shape Learning

These individual strengths and weaknesses apply to more than just subjects in school. Some smart people perform badly in school. In fact, one of Albert Einstein’s teachers suggested that he drop out of his grade school class.

Einstein eventually became one of the greatest thinkers of all time, elaborating several theories that have shaped the scientific community for years. So, what was wrong with Mr. Einstein’s learning abilities? Probably nothing at all.
Though all students and learners are individuals with their own academic strengths and learning styles, traditional education treats them mostly the same. Teachers give the same lecture to all the students, assign everyone the same textbook problems, and move at the same pace for all their classes. This mass-produced form of education is efficient at teaching a large group, but neglects the importance of teaching the individual according to that person’s own learning profile.

We all learn things in our own way. Some do better with an overall vision and a quick overview of the basics. Others understand concepts better once they are presented with a mathematical explanation. Still other learners are more visually-oriented and appreciate a quick diagram explaining the relationships they need to understand. If teachers understood the best way to help an individual learn a specific task or process, they could make lesson plans that suited the needs of individual learners.

We all have our own learning methods and learning styles. We should use them to progress and enjoy more success.
Continual Progress Measurement Ideal Learning Conditions
Learning Pathways formed by Theory Individual Learning Styles
Ideal learning conditions are achieved through a synergy of learning pathways, continuous progress measurement, and instruction customized to individual learning orientations.
The light bulb of intelligence turns on!

Bright Ideas for Individual Improvement

While this method of teaching may not work on a broad scale, with one teacher teaching a large class of students—presenting one message in several different ways could take a large amount of time and students would either become either frustrated by their lack of understanding or bored by the repetition of lessons they have already learned. Modern technology can help to bridge the gap in understanding that occurs because of natural difference in learning style.

The GELC model for education, elaborated by Dr. C. Victor Bunderson, uses computers and technology to deliver a highly-customized lesson to each individual, based on that person’s learning preferences and learning style. In this model, the teacher’s role switches to one of coach and motivator as students come to the teacher for answers to their own individual questions and difficulties. Students of similar learning styles could also be grouped together to learn with like-minded individuals, thus increasing the pace of education for most students.

Ideally, learners receive instruction suited to their own:

1.      Individual learning style

2.      Academic progress,

3.      and level of understanding.

The Edumetrics Institute wishes to see education reach these goals as we implement the latest in research and academic discoveries to shape the future.

Involving Individual Learning Preferences to Improve Education

The EduMetrics Institute has partnered with The Training Place, who offers a learning orientation questionnaire to help people understand their own individual learning methods and preferences.  By integrating this questionnaire with other intelligent systems, we are able to provide a complete solution, covering the three pillars for ideal education. Our systems will be able to measure learning progress along learning pathways according to individual learning preferences. This combination of efforts can create a dramatic transformation in academics and a generation of happier, more intelligent, and more successful people.

If you have a question, please feel free to contact us. Also, take a look at our intellectual growth products, designed according to these ideals to help you become more intelligent and more fulfilled.

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