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Partners in Intellectual Development
No organization is an island. We wouldn't be where we are without external support, so we've created this page to showcase our partnerships. The EduMetrics Institute has forged several strategic alliances with companies and organizations emphasizing intellectual development, mental and physical well-being, and the development of critical thinking and learning skills. If you are interested in a partnership with the EduMetrics Institute, please don't hesitate to contact us.
Trading Partners
The Training Place
The Training Place offers solutions for businesses and individuals looking to understand how emotions affect learning.
The Training Place specializes in a suite of personalization tools and services that consider the impact of emotions on learning, such as the Learning Orientation Questionnaire. These tools help clients implement innovative training and research programs that keep a workforce or student body achieving peak performance through continual learning. The Training Place works hard assisting organizations and institutions worldwide to attract, retain, and nurture their greatest asset-people!
Dr. Grandma's

Dr. Joyce Bunderson, our Vice Chairman and Relations Development Officer and grandmother of 31 grandchildren, has performed some interesting research on the connection between intellectual development and physical nourishment. Using her degree in nutrition and her expertise in the kitchen, she launched Dr. Grandma’s. The company aims to prove that “good health can be yummy,” just as Joyce has proven to us with her healthy home-style cooking. The website contains information about the importance of promoting good health and intellect through wholesome foods, as well as a store where you can purchase delicious whole-grain baking mixes from the EduMetrics Institute’s very own “Dr. Grandma.”

Dr. Grandma's investigates the connection between healthy eating and intellectual growth.

Family Literacy Centers
Family Literacy Centers, Inc. helps children and adults develop thinking and reading skills.
Family Literacy Centers, Inc. is a nonprofit charity devoted to helping children and families learn to read. Since its founding in 1994, the organization has helped create community learning centers in several urban areas across the United States . The centers offer free reading assessment and tutoring using research-based programs to help children and adults learn to read.

Web Associates

Time Management for Students: Learn how to manage your time as a student to ensure your grades are consistently good while allowing for part time jobs, fun and leisure activities.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming: Improve your learning skills by understanding yourself. Check out Personal Empwerment Coaching's free e-zine "NLP-The Secret Science of Self-Empowerment."

Effective Preschool Activities and Games: Find easy-to-follow activities and games that will stimulate and develop preschool children's intellectual abilities and provide them opportunities to experience success and enjoyment in learning.

Science Fair Ideas: We know how hard it can be to think of clever science fair project ideas. Good News! is here to help!


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