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PuzzleQuest: Intelligence Building Modules
This intelligence building game will test your thinking skills and then help you improve them with puzzles and tasks to help you learn and think on a higher level.
Release Date: Late 2006

Basic Design & Typography
Learn the basic principles of design and creation in this interactive program that teaches the fundamentals of visual communication for both business and academics.
Available! Contact Us Now!

Spaced Practice Trainer
Use this vocabulary trainer to learn new words, study technical terms, and build your memory!
Coming Soon!

Test and expand your deduction abilities with this fun web-based Learning Progress System.
Coming Soon!

This intriguing and challenging architecture is the basis for PuzzleQuest's game environment. The Isotope open-source game engine invites players to enter a lost world and explore and discover while solving puzzles to advance.
Release Date: 2007

A computer mouse and keyboard
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