People of all ages learning in various ways Intellectual development for people of all ages

Project Goals

The EduMetrics Institute engages in research projects that further the cause of intellectual development and learning critical thinking. We help people of all ages to improve their intelligence and their IQ. Our intellectual development research aims to accomplish the following objectives:

Our published research focuses on intellectual development and effective learning bullet Create theories and measures to help people succeed at learning

bullet Formulate ways to involve continuous progress measurement in subjects like math, reading, and science

bullet Prove the validity of intellectual measurement tools in education 

bullet Develop and simplify assessment and research methods so everyone can participate in the continuing evaluation and improvement process

Create Theories and Measures to Help People Succeed at Learning [top]

At the EduMetrics Institute, we believe children and adults can be taught to become more intelligent. Our projects center on developing theories and measures to help people understand their thinking patterns and to help them succeed in the learning process. People can develop mental capacities and analytical skills at any age to improve their intellectual ability. Our products integrate continual measurement in the learning process, allowing people to understand how they learn. . Armed with this understanding, people are able to learn in the ways that are most efficient for them.

A fountain penInvolve Continuous Progress Measurement in Subjects like Math, Reading and Science [top]

Solving problems in math or science can be difficult for students who lack critical thinking abilities. Even after solving a problem, some people are unable to transfer the skills they utilized in solving that problem to answer a new problem that appears superficially different. Our learning research services support the development of programs to help people improve critical thinking and analytical skills necessary for success in subjects like math and science. People who use continuous progress measurement while learning can use the insights they gain about their thinking processes to become more intelligent.

Prove the Validity of Intellectual Measurement Tools in Education [top]

While research shows that measurement and evaluation are powerful tools for improving learning and enhancing mental abilities, proving that a specific measurement instrument is more effective than another is difficult. One focus of our research is to develop validity arguments for measurement instruments, especially continuous measurement and feedback systems. We create arguments proving that intellectual measurement tools are effective in helping children and adults to develop intelligence.

Develop and Simplify Assessment and Research Methods [top]

Parents, teachers, students, and other concerned individuals should be able to help themselves and their loved ones succeed in learning. We believe that as people become more aware of how effective continual experimentation and evaluation of learning processes are in developing intellect, others will follow suit and advance research beyond our limits as an organization. By simplfying research and experimentation methods, we are paving the way for others to continue using these theories and ideas to improve education for people everywhere.

People who use our learning measurement techniques understand the connection between intellectual development, critical thinking, and learning capability—knowledge that enables them to learn more effectively. By simplifying evaluation and research methodologies, the EduMetrics Institute enables everyone who wants to develop thinking skills to understand his or her intellectual strengths and weaknesses. This knowledge empowers all people to study more effectively, learn more quickly, and achieve greater success in life.    

To learn more about the EduMetrics Institute, our products, our research, or to find out how you can help, please contact us today.



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