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PuzzleQuest Intelligence-Building Modules


Are you ready to increase your IQ?  How much more intelligent would you like to be? We spend hours in gyms developing our muscles and our stamina. Gyms don’t have tools to help us develop our minds, however. In fact, for years people believed that they could not become smarter, that they were unable to develop intelligence. Recent brain research, however, is proving otherwise--concluding that adults and children can become more intelligent and successful, no matter how old they may be.

Reading is one way to develop intellectual skills and creativity

PuzzleQuest Intelligence-Building Modules, the EduMetrics Institute's newest creation, is an innovative new product designed using the latest research in intellectual development.Like a personal trainer for your mind, PuzzleQuest software measures your learning abilities, tracking your improvement in puzzles that expand your memory and your intellectual ability. With PuzzleQuest, intellectual development is fun!
Even while enveloped in this surreal world, you're not alone in your mental training! PuzzleQuest is an online community populated with the characters of many other puzzle fans, each working on solving the same mind-developing challenges. It's a fantastic online community of people like you who are trying to develop intellectually. Together, you learn skills and critical thinking abilities each solving challenging puzzles independently. Think... you could develop analytical skills useful in math, science, and other academic fields just by conversing with other community members across the globe using the easy online chat system!
Why wait to develop critical thinking skills and intelligence? Use the most recent brain research to enhance your mind now! Download PuzzleQuest Intelligence-Building Modules and start using EduMetrics' proprietary intelligence-measuring tools to increase your mental capacity right away! A woman using a laptop computer to learn


How it works:
PuzzleQuest involves several thinking puzzles and intelligence-building challenges.
Explore fantastic realms filled with engaging, mind-enhancing puzzles.
Puzzlequest's learning progress system helps people to understand their learning and see their progress.
PuzzleQuest's intelligence-measuring tools give you continual feedback on your intellectual development, helping you see your progress as you become smarter!
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