Businesses of every shape and size are attempting to get closer to their customers. These efforts take the shape of post purchase surveys, social media outreach and detailed web analytics. This near obsession with what customer experience from their point of view is all done with an eye to understand intimately their concerns, satisfaction levels and buying habits.

Ironically, students have been left out of this equation. Most higher education institutions have taken the attitude that students should supplicate to the higher mind and simply be grateful for whatever they receive. Although tuition prices have continued to escalate, institutions seem not to have fully gotten in touch with what really makes a superior student experience. Most institutions are obsessed with scholarly publishing, thought leadership and grant writing. Often little time is given to what students are learning, how interesting is the content and how applicable is the learning for real-world employment opportunities. According to a Duke University study, the rate of college completion has been declining since 1970. The main reason is an increase in tuition, which in turn forces students to work longer hours to pay for tuition. After mortgage debt in the United States, student loan debt is the second largest debt category. It amounts to approximately $1.48 trillion across 44 million borrowers.

Cost however is simply one factor. Leading companies like Apple, Google and Microsoft are no longer requiring a university education. The unofficial reason for this is that students are no longer learning the necessary skills to succeed and the old indicators are no longer proving out.

What would the response be of a commercial organization that received the valuable customer feedback that their product was too expensive and not worth the value? Change it!

At Edumetrics, our mission is to return interest and exploration back to education. We bring together all of the interesting and relevant details into a map system that is easy to navigate. Unlike search engines, our powerful Learning Map technology collects and organizes the large topics and the small details, to give a complete map of interesting topics, how they are connected, and how to locate where you are and where you want to go. We are convinced that interest and exploration drives competency, graduation rates and puts students and their needs at the center of the education universe.

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