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Meet the EduMetrics Team

Curious about our experience and qualifications? Take some time to get to know our team! We would love to help you, your family, and your friends lead more successful lives through intellectual development.
Dr. C. Victor Bunderson  C. Victor Bunderson, PhD
  Chairman and President
Jonathan Ferguson  Jonathan Ferguson
  Interaction Designer
Joyce Bunderson  Joyce Bunderson MPH, PhD
  Vice Chairman &
  Relations Development Officer
Mike Gashler  Mike Gashler
  Software Consultant
Van Newby  Van Newby PhD
  Vice President & CFO
Mark Moesser  Mark Moesser
  Developer and Graphic Artist
Michelle Pfister  Michelle Pfister
  Marketing Consultant
Brandon Stephenson  Brandon Stephenson
  Marketing Associate
Chrissie Nielsen  Chrissie Nielsen
  Public Relations Intern
Jared Lees  Jared Lees
  Statistical Analyst
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