Like it or not, measurement pervades nearly every activity in which we engage. Let’s take a simple session on From the moment you enter the website, Amazon already knows where you are coming from, who you are, what is your past purchase history, how many items have you left in your shopping cart, what ads are you likely to respond to, and many many more elements. The science of understanding prospects and customers has never been more in depth and complex. Not dissimilar from an experience, students and their higher education institution have an enduring and sometimes complicated relationship. This relationship is not defined by making tuition payments or registering for classes. The very nature of the content and key learnings from coursework need to be evaluated for effectiveness both in near real time as well as historical. Imagine an ecosystem of content, exhaustive in its scope, ever growing and each click can be evaluated as well as a collection of clicks to determine and evaluate student interest. Content, suggestions, authoritative rankings, and timeliness make “box checking” dial it in learning a thing of the past. Learning Map technology allows administrators, professors and other educators an opportunity to expand and protect critical content and measure every element of the student experience for improvement. The results are engaged, curious and satisfied students armed with skills to change the world.

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