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Dr. Victor BundersonC. Victor Bunderson, PhD

Chairman and President


Dr. Bunderson's work began in academic settings at the University of Texas and Brigham Young University, where he was principal investigator on computer-aided instruction research project funded by the National Science Foundation. He has long regarded educational change as the responsibility of business and technology as well as of academia. In response, Dr. Bunderson has been a co-founder of several companies combining advanced computer and information technologies with education and training applications. He also returned to research in 1991 to work with talented PhD students, developing and testing theories of learning and growth.

The foundation of the EduMetrics Institute in 2000 is the fulfillment of a dream for Dr. Bunderson, since the organization allows him to persue actively the integration of research and organizational development. The non-profit EduMetrics Institute is designed to bring together experts from across disciplines, academic institutions, and companies to provide the greatest resources for intellectual development to all individuals across the country. Victor Bunderson and his colleagues are now helping people of all ages increase their learning and thinking abilities while tracking progress and fostering desire and delight in the process.

Dr. Bunderson received his Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from the University of Utah, where he focused on learning, cognition, and human abilities and preferences. He then went on to receive his Doctorate from Princeton University, also in Psychology, emphasizing in educational measurement, cognitive processes, and learning. During his career, Dr. Bunderson has founded many organizations, conducted extensive research, and contributed to numerous publications.

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