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C. Victor Bunderson, PhD

Chairman and President

2000 to Present Founder and Chairman, EduMetrics Institute Non-Profit Research and Development Organization
1991 to Present Professor, Instructional Psychology & Technology, Brigham Young University. Emeritus since Sept. 2002, active with doctoral students and research.
1990 to Present Chairman, Alpine Media, Inc. (Also known as ICUE -- Computer-based Assessment and courseware development).
1990 to 1992 Vice President for Research and Psychometrics, TRO Learning Inc. (TRO's Plato Computerized Testing Centers).
1987 to 2002 Co-founder and Chairman of Vality Technology, Inc., a successor company to Knowledge Engineering Inc. Data Quality Industry. Vality was acquired by Ascential in April, 2002
1986 to 1990 Vice President for Research Management, Educational Testing Service, Princeton, NJ. Research on systems that integrate assessment and instruction.
1984 to 1987 Co-Founder & Chairman, Knowledge Engineering, Inc., Boston, MA. (Backed development of a new software product using automatic deduction and databases.)
1980 to 1984 Co-Founder and Chief Scientist, WICAT Systems, Inc., Orem, Utah. Also founded the Waterford Testing Center
1978 to 1991 Adjunct Professor, Brigham Young University, Provo, UT
1977 to 1984 President and Co-Founder, WICAT Education Institute, Provo, UT (non-profit)
1972 to 1977 Director, Institute for Computer Uses in Education (ICUE), Brigham Young University
1972 to 1977 Professor: Computer Science & Instructional Science, Brigham Young University, Provo, UT. Principal Investigator on NSF-funded TICCIT project
1972 to 1976 Co-Founder, Vice President and Board Member, Courseware, Inc., in San Diego, CA (Acquired by Arthur Anderson Consulting).
1970 to 1972 President, Association for the Development of Computer-Based Instructional Systems
1965 to 1972 Director, Computer-Assisted Instruction Laboratory, University of Texas at Austin; also Assistant and Associate Professor of Computer Science and Educational Psychology, University of Texas at Austin.

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